Hi, I'am Andrea Lazzarotti ( "Farins" is my username in lots of CGI forums) Born in 1978 and living in Italy, I played with graphic softwares since the year 1996 with my old Caligari True Space ( Amiga ).

I worked in the C.G.I field since the year 2003.

I've worked on several kinds of projects in various fields such as architectural previz, musical videoclips, concept design, videogames for PC and console, Industrial and institutional videos,

and for the last 15 years I've worked in national and international television channels for advertising and commercials on TAXFREEFILMS in Parma ( ITALY ) as a Senior 3D generalist. Actually I'm freelance and I've also always cultivated several hobbies in my spare time, such as videogames, vintage motorcycle restoring, photography, 3D printing, mechanical CNC engraving, painting and drawing ,and of course the digital world in all its forms.

Services for:


3D Modelling - Low-poly modelling - Texturing - and graphics for the creation of assets ( Vehicles, Props, Environment ) dedicated  to videogame industires

3D Prints / CNC

3D Modelling / Design for 3D print tecnology ( FFD / Resin / SLA ) and consuling - Prototiping - CAD /  NURBS modelling - Drawing for CNC engraving and cutting machine

Animations / Rendering

3D Modelling / Animations / Rendering of Vehicles - Mechanicals parts - Food and beverage - Luxury - , and any kind of commercial product for TV advertising / conventions / events


Avaiable for workshops - seminars for schools / individual or groups / updates lessons for companies



CARTOON ON THE BAY 2011 : with TAXFREEFILMS : nomination in advertising section with "Parmareggio Fettine"

CARTOON ON THE BAY 2012 : with TAXFREEFILMS : winner first place "PULCINELLA AWARD " in advertising section with "Sperlari Negozio".

MONTREAL BEST WATCHMAKER CAMPAIN AWARD 2013 : with TAXFREEFILMS winner first place with "Omega Co-Axial" world wide campain.

MOST LEGENDARY CAR RENDER COMPETITION 2014 : winner second place with artwork: "Lancia meeting"

BASS AWARD 2016 : with TAXFREEFILMS winner gold award with "Paramount a Different Story" advertising


04/06/2012: Pubblication of "FULL POWER" artwork on cover of "Computer Grafica T & A number. 88

09/09/2012: Pubblication of "LOBIT" artwork on gallery of "3D World" number. 159 "

05/05/2012: Pubblication of "FULL POWER" artwork on "3D Artist" number. 44"

05/04/2013: Pubblication of "LOBIT" artwork on the last of "Ballistic Exposè 11"

02/05/2013: Pubblication of OMEGA CO-AXIAL advertising on cover of "La revue des Montres" n°185

10/01/2014: Pubblication of "BENELLI SEI " making of "on of "CG Arena" vol. 9

10/02/2014: Pubblication article  about "Digital Benelli Cafè Race" of "Cafe Racer Italia" number 15

01/03/2015: Pubblication 4 pages of "OMEGA BOOST tutorial" on " 3D World " number 190

08/03/2015: Pubblication of of "BENELLI SEI "making of"on "Digital Mayhem 3D Machines Techniques"

4/010/2015: Pubblication of "BENELLI SEI" artwork on " 3D Arttist "number 73